Upload A Prescription

We at PureLife Pharmacy will need a copy of your doctor’s prescription in order to complete your order for prescription medication.

Upload your prescription and lab results for analysis and recommendations from our experts, and we’ll deliver right to your door. 

By clicking on the upload box below or dragging your file to connect your saved photo, you may quickly and securely upload a photo of your prescription from your computer, phone, or tablet. 

Guide For A Valid Prescription 

  1. Don’t crop the picture in any way.
  2. Avoid a blurry photo.
  3. The patient’s name, the doctor’s name, and the date of the clinic visit should be included.
  4. Medicines will be dispensed as per prescription
  5. Supported file types: JPEG , JPG , PNG
  6. Allowed Size: 5MB

Upload the prescription/lab results, input your contact details, and click Send. 


Upload the prescription/lab results

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